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Tree Surgeons in NottinghamThere are certain times of the year when you will need the two brothers Josh & Sam  Weedon who are the driving force of the Tree Surgeons Eastwood Nottingham. This is also the time  when one should also  start paying attention to the trees within your property.  We are local Tree Surgeons in Eastwood Nottingham  and we would like to give our potential clientele some very useful tips. What to look out for in case you should ever be in need of a qualified local tree surgeon. In the stormy season the trees  should be checked to make sure they are in good health and that there is no possible danger of the tree becoming a hazard due to strong winds breaking branches that are weak in their structure being blown to the ground and maybe causing damage to person or property. Apart from that the trees could be causing other problems. They may be: * Blocking out too much light. * Outgrowing the area they were planted in. * Growing too near houses, sheds, pavements and roads. * Loosing branches in the wind creating a potential hazard.

What jobs do the tree surgeons in Nottingham carry out?

There are a vast ammount of jobs that a qualified tree surgeon is able to do on and around your private or commercial premises. These begin with tree felling and tree removal. A professional tree cutter and arborist should obviously have no issues what so ever with high trees, tall tree surgery or any other tree surgery jobs for that matter. It is also seldom that a company offering a tree cutting service will not have the necessary knowledge and skils  of all other services that a professional tree surgeon is able and qualified to carry out. This includes landscaping, hedge trimming, fencing services and all other basic tree and garden services, i.e. garden care and maintenance. In order to carry out his task in a professional and efficient manner, a tree surgeon should of course turn up on the job with all the proper tree surgery equipment and climbing gear. All that being said, if you have a tree on your property, you are by law responsible and have a duty of care to ensure that dangerous things don’t happen and that you take the necessary action to ensure that people and property are safe. You may be able to do some things yourself such as trimming the tree back but often the tree surgeons in Nottingham will be the best and the safest option.

Where and how do I find the tree surgeons in Nottingham?

Here are some tips to help: If you have friends and family that have required a Nottingham tree surgeon in the past, maybe they can recommend a good one. If that is not the case, I would say just go to Google search and type in ‘nottingham tree surgeons’ or ‘tree services nottingham’. By adding your local area in the search you will find more than enough local tree surgeons in your neighbourhood. If you don’t happen to have an internet connection, you can search in your telephone book in the yellow pages and should you have neither of these, a visit to your local library has to be your next stop. There the staff will be able to help you locate a nottingham tree surgeon.

How should I know which tree surgeons in Nottingham are the right ones for me?

Here are some questions you can ask to help you choose: Do the tree surgeons have the correct qualifications to do tree work? The tree surgeons in Nottingham and any where else for that matter, should have certificates allowing them to operate chainsaws and climbing/rescue certificates, if there should be a need to climb. Are they willing to supply you with copies of these certifications? Are they offering you a fixed quotation for the job at hand or just an estimate? An estimate can be changed during the course of the work being done. Will they provide the quote that they have stated in writing and is the VAT added to the given price? Steps need to be taken to protect you and your property? Public liability insurance is a must and they should without hesitation provide you with a copy on request. Do they do a risk assessment? Do they quote a British Standard – if so it should be BS3998. What happens to the branches and timber? Make sure everything is removed if you don’t want it on your property. Make it clear from the start, that they are responsible for clearing up all the mess caused by their work. Also that you can keep your logs, if you wish and at no extra charge. Can they advise about Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and Conservation Areas?           There are some trees that are protected by law!                                                                                    Who will be responsible for obtaining permission for the work if the trees are protected?

Be very cautious if you find people soliciting work door to door. If they use only a mobile phone number & cannot be traced to a permanent address. If in doubt you can always contact the arboricultural association.

And finally: If you have any doubt at all, always get at least 2-3 quotes on your job. Be aware if they should they ask or even insist on cash without a receipt. Don’t give them the job. You will never be able to prove that they were on your property when & if they, excuse my French, screw up and maybe leave your property in turmoil. Maybe even cause irreparable damage to your trees and/or property. Never ever pay until the job is complete and to your full satisfaction! If you feel confident about the person or persons you meet and they have all the above in place and all your questions have been answered to your full satisfaction, then you have either just made a great decision to go forward with Josh & Sam Weedon from Weedons Tree Surgeons in Nottingham or, with someone else in our trade that are also so passionate about tree work as we are, who are also fully insured and qualified tree surgeons that guarantee first class customer service before and after the job is done. Congratulations!

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